I’d like to thank the following people who encouraged and supported me in writing this book:

James Sivitz, my sweetest man and first editor, who has been with me through thick and thin and always appreciates my writing.

Lumen Sivitz, my older son, who first gave me the honor of being called “Mom” and whose enthusiasm for my endeavors is priceless.

Axis Sivitz, my younger son, a natural born teacher who teaches me more than he can ever realize, and my social media mentor for this book.

Dianne Brown, a memorable friend who first encouraged me to write this book and fittingly, gave me its first “like” on Facebook.

Dale Stoops, a friend and printing consultant whose genuine interest in the project contributed to my second wind to finish the book.

Dana Studt, a dear friend whose love and experience of the elderly made her a perfect sounding board, and who inspired me to reorganize the book to be more readable and to seek out the best references.

Melinda Zemper, a skillful writer and marketing maven whose kind and timely suggestions were invaluable, including her recommendation that I change the book title (which was hard) and pointing out the logical gaps in Mom’s story and imploring me to not be “so hard on yourself.”

Alexandria Poon, R.N., a group leader for caregiving resources who provided valuable updates on how things have changed since Mom’s health care journey (and how things haven’t).

Kathryn Collins, M.D., F.A.C.E.P., whose insights as an Emergency Medicine Physician and fellow author provided unique and important feedback, both medically and making me aware of unnecessary use of my “cynical” voice.

Dr. Edward Hanzelik, Board Certified Internist, Speaking Up For Mom contributing author and medical consultant, for his kind empathy to me regarding Mom’s story and his clarity and passion as a physician that brought the book’s purpose to life.

And Prem Rawat, for his love and guidance throughout my life’s journey.

And all of you who have said, “Please let me know when you have published your book,” I thank you for affirming that this book is needed.