Speaking Up For Mom

A Daughter's Quest for Compassionate Medical Care

By Llee Sivitz

And Edward Hanzelik, M.D.

Dr. Hanzelik and I are delighted that you have found Speaking Up For Mom.

It chronicles the decision-making dilemmas I encountered during my mother’s medical crisis…as I helplessly watched things go terribly wrong in a seemingly impersonal medical landscape. With the many options in medical treatment available today, we need to understand this landscape and to recognize that a patient has the right and the power to choose. We must make sure our loved one has a voice.

Besides the twelve chapters of “Mom’s Story,” Dr. Edward Hanzelik, Internal Medicine, offers his decades of experience to shed new light on this all-to-familiar health care scenario in the nine chapters of "The Doctor Is In.” A nine-lesson reference guide with all its resources completes the second half of this 232-page book.

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